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Here are a few pictures of Our Pastor's recent trip to Nicaragua:

There is no life in the statues and there is no life giving message from the Roman Catholic Church. Mary or the saints are not the ones to look to. The resurrected Jesus Christ who died for our sins and rose from the grave is the mediator between God and man.   

Hopefully the sign on the car will affect a person’s conscience and they will call on the Lord Jesus to be saved.    

Pastor Luis and Pastor Randall

For some this might be “home sweet home.” And if they believe the gospel booklets left at their door or given to them they can have a mansion in glory and that will be their eternal “home sweet home.”

500 Earth Man Chick tracts (Spanish)
1000 “Personal Bibles” & 1000 “Let not your heart be troubled” (Spanish)

That man is reading something that can lead him to Jesus Christ and receive forgiveness of sins and eternal life.  

                                                                      Missions trip to Nicaragua February 2017

Listed are a few things I believe you will experience on a mission’s trip.
A mission’s trip will remind you that we are pilgrims and strangers here.
A mission’s trip will be a humbling experience.
We take much for granted in the USA.
An inability to communicate fully is a humbling experience.
A mission’s trip will enlarge your heart for the lost.
A mission’s trip will prompt you to hand out gospel tracts.   

Loto the caption below says “it will change your life.” Sure it will; it will create a false hope and diminish the money you have.